SOYUZSPETSSTROY Close corporation “UMCC” SOYUZSPETSSTROY “offers its services in the mine shafting, execution of different types of underground and surface building and assembly jobs ; balancing and commissioning works . “UMCC” SOYUZSPETSSTROY” was founded in 2004 and it represents an industrial group, which merge shaft sinking companies of Kuznetsk Basin, East part of Donets Basin and of the Russian Federation. “UMCC” SOYUZSPETSSTROY ” includes such well-known and prominent enterprises as PC” Rostovshahtostroy “, LLC”Sibshahtorudstroy “, LLC”KuzNIIShahtostroy “and also known design companies LLC«RusShahtSpetsStroyProekt “and the Design Bureau of CC”UMCC”SOYUZSPETSSTROY “. “UMCC” SOYUZSPETSSTROY “”has equipment for all kinds of shaft-sinking and installation works, including tunneling machines for the construction of horizontal and inclined tunnels, drilling machines, hoisting machines, as well as a special non-standard equipment, which manufactured in our own factory Shakhtinsky Repair and Engineering Works. By our mining engineers had been built and reconstructed more than 53 mines and companies of underground and surface complexes , 7 dressing mills, technological tunnels, subsurface storages and other urban infrastructure objects. Our experts work on all types of special construction methods: common and low-temperature freezing, common cement plugging, as well as high permeability cement and chemical solutions, jet grouting, building envelope of the secant piles and “diaphragm wall”. Our designers calculate and design composite steel-concrete, cast-iron-concrete, ferroconcrete and other special design timbering. Had been developed copyright methods for determining of undergrounds loads on the lining of vertical shafts from the dewatering and drainage. Had been designed and implemented components of vertical node compliance in the lining on mine shafts of Zaporogues iron ore combine , mines of Yakovlevskii pit, Kursk Magnetic Anomaly, on brown coal mine shafts of Ukraine and on uranium pits. “UMCC” SOYUZSPETSSTROY ” has all the necessary licenses for design and construction of capital construction projects, as also security clearance.